GE14: PBS Women Thank Wetrom, Looks Forward To Umno Cooperation

Wetrom Bahanda, left, the Umno Kota Marudu chief had his eyes on the Matunggong seat, and Ahmad Zahid seemed to have backed him. But PBS are not about to let go.

KOTA MARUDU: Parti Bersatu Sabah Matunggong division has put behind the tension following a recent announcement over a so-called formula to recapture their seat for Barisan Nasional.

Disclosing that the matter is considered solved, Julita Majungki the division’s Women chief said it was now time to consolidate the BN election machinery and ensure victory for the N4 Matunggong seat.


Julita, who is tipped to replace Anita Baranting for the Tandek State seat, also welcomed a recent statement by Wetrom Bahanda, the Umno Kota Marudu division chief that he will support any BN candidate fielded in the 14th general election (GE14).

“We thank him (Wetrom) for his assurance of cooperation and support for PBS candidate in the upcoming election.

“This reflects the spirit of BN that put premium on unity, cooperation and solidarity, and we believe that with cooperation from all parties, we can deliver Matunggong to BN this time around,” said Julita, who is also Matunggong Community Development Officer.

During Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the deputy Prime Minister’s recent visit to Matunggong, he announced a formula to ‘lend’ Matunggong to Umno in order to recapture the seat for BN.

This suggestion, seen by many as arm-twisting by Umno, caused an uproar, not just amongst PBS members, but also the opposition.

Wetrom, after meeting Musa Aman, the caretaker Chief Minister and UMNO Sabah Liaison chief, assured that Umno Kota Marudu would support whoever nominated by BN in Kota Marudu.

“That is clear. And I have explained to the chief minister that we will make sure that all BN’s candidates win,” he was quoted as saying.