GE14: No More Love For Parti Cinta; Second Spate Of Resignations

STATEMENT: We, the above-named, hereby declare that we have resigned from all the respective post that we held in Parti Cinta Sabah and relinquished our party membership with immediate effect. We have handed our letter of resignation to the Secretary General of PCS today.

We have come to appoint where we are disillusioned with the way the party is moving forward resulting in us losing confidence the party and its leaders.

Almost, if not all, the Sabah-based political parties on both side of the political divide share common political platform and struggle, which is for the betterment of Sabahan within the context of a Malaysian Federation as guaranteed in the MA63.

What is needed therefore is a political party whose leaders continue to gain the respect of its grassroots leaders and members.

We have been together since the inception of Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) and we were the pioneers of APS and later PCS in Kiulu and assisted in organising PCS programs and activities in other areas in Sabah since 2012.

Events and critical decisions made by the party leadership prior to the nomination day has given us enough reason to believe that the core struggle of the party which formed part and parcel of its policy statement and vision are not in tandem with some very important and critical decisions made by the top party leadership.

We wish the party and its candidates all the best, especially those candidates who had a fair chance of winning their respective seats.

• LESAYA LOPOG is PCS Party Speaker (Permanent Chairman), Information Chief and Director for Media & Communications Unit, and Press Secretary for Wilfred Bumburing since 2000.

• JOHN HUSSEIN is PCS Treasurer-General, Director of Training, PACA, Deputy Chairman, PCS Kiulu Division.

• ANITA HOKUM is PCS Women EXCO Member; Kiulu PCS Women Leader, PCS’ Assistant Election Coordinator for PACA.

• JOSLIN LUDSUM is Committee Member and Organizing Secretary, PCS Kiulu Division, Election Operation Room Chief, PACA Coordinator, Leader for the Kiulu Polling District.

• HILLARY GINDAYUK is Assistant Information Officer Kiulu Division; Assistant Director, Election Operation PCS Kiulu, Leader for Mantob Polling District.


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