GE14: Najib, Musa Aman Very Afraid, Risk Losing ‘Fixed Deposit’ Sabah

Supporters of Nor, the Kunak candidate of Parti Warisan at a gathering where Shafie Apdal, the party president spoke about the failures of the BN-Umno leaders.

KUNAK: Najib Razak, the Umno president and Musa Aman, his man in Sabah, are running scared that they could lose Sabah, the Barisan Nasional’s fixed deposit, in GE14.

“He is so afraid of the burgeoning Parti Warisan Sabah (white wave) that is taking over Sabah now, that he keeps coming back at frequent intervals,” Shafie Apdal, his one-time ally turned nemesis said here Tuesday.

Shafie said the reports coming in indicate that the people have had enough of the BN’s failure to raise the people’s standard of living made worse with runaway inflation and higher prices of goods due to GST and a weakening ringgit.


“The moment he dissolved Parliament he came running to Semporna and Tawau to hurl baseless accusations against me,” Shafie told a crowd of more than 2000 people at a ‘Ceramah Perdana Warisan’ at Simpang 4, near here.

“He even dared to lie in front of my supporters that I had stabbed him in the back. Now after Nomination Day he comes again to Sandakan and tells the people of Batu Sapi that I wanted to be chief minister.

“My goodness, why become Chief Minister when I was more than happy with my job as a federal minister. No need to lie to gain support and bolster Umno. Umno-BN’s time is nearly up and this is all due to their doing.”

Shafie in Kunak.

Shafie, who is defending Semporna (for the sixth time) and making a debut in the State seat of Senallang, said he now wants to become Chief Minister as he has to put right, many wrongs perpetrated by the Najib and Musa administration.

“If we don’t step in now to stop the rot, Sabah will go to the dogs. The federal government is stealing our resources blind and Musa and his toothless BN leaders in Sabah are not lifting a finger to do anything at all for the people,” he said.


At the same gathering, Norazlinah Arif, the Warisan candidate for Kunak said the people of the district were fed up with an absentee assemblyman who spent most of his time in the state capital, leaving his constituents to fend for themselves.

“Kunak lacks so many things like regular water supply and electricity but the Umno chap doesn’t feel it at all because all these facilities are readily available in Kota Kinabalu,” Norazlinah said to the cheers of the crowd.

Speaking at a gathering in Merotai on Monday night, Shafie said a Warisan government would be people centric and that Sabah’s rich natural resource would be for all people rather than lining the pockets of a few leaders and their cronies.

At Merotai on Tuesday night, Shafie, second right, received some 450 membership forms from people who quit Umno and other BN parties as well as opposition supporters. At right is Warisan candidate for Tanjung Batu, Ismail Senang and at extreme left is Ma’mun Sulaiman, Warisan candidate for Kalabakan.

He would ensure that money gained from government-linked companies would be ploughed back to the people and that Yayasan Sabah would return to its core principle of providing educational aid to the people.

“All deserving students who cannot afford a university education will be provided with Yayasan Sabah scholarships or easy-term loans as this was why the foundation was set up – for the people and not BN leaders,” he said.

The overwhelming crowd at Kalabakan who came to hear Shafie promise to create a fruit valley in the district that would be the largest in the region.

Earlier, at Kalabakan, Shafie who is campaigning in Sabah’s east coast said he will create a mini district in Kalabakan if Warisan is given the mandate.

“Not only that, but I promise that the Warisan government will create in Kalabakan the biggest fruit valley in the region. All kinds of exotic local fruits will be planted for local consumption as well as for export,” said Shafie.

At the same time, Shafie who is an economist by training, said Tawau will be transformed into a seafood hub, with Kunak and Semporna being among the prime suppliers of seafood.

He said a seafood centre would not only attract more tourists to the region but surplus catch could be exported throughout the region.

He added that all these plans would also create thousands of job opportunities for the unemployed youths in the area, and they need not have to go to Malaya or even Australia or South Korea for employment.

Shafie later continued on his campaign trail to Silam and Tungku, before heading to Sukau and Kinabatangan, where thousands of supporters turned up to welcome him as well as listen to Parti Warisan Sabah’s vision.