GE14: Libaran Folk Cry Out For Piped Water Despite Having Musa As CM

(From left) Warisan candidates for Labuk, Ramsah Tasim, for Sugut, Aspah Abdullah Sani, Shafie and Warisan parliamentary candidate for Beluran, Dr Japar Zairun at a Parti Warisan Sabah campaign in Muanad, Beluran on Thursday evening.

SANDAKAN: Shafie Apdal went into Barisan Nasional territory Thursday afternoon and warned Musa Aman that he should be concerned with his own affairs rather than poke his nose into areas that are none of his concern.

Do not try to score points by attempting to tarnish my name with all kinds of baseless accusations when you cannot even manage your Libaran constituency effectively, so much so the people here are crying for change, the Parti Warisan Sabah president said.

“The people here are fed up with your promises of development,” Shafie told a crowd of more than 1,000 people in Gum-Gum, the neighbouring state constituency of Sungai Sibuga, where Musa has been the incumbent for four terms now.


A planned Umno programme nearby even had to be rescheduled due to the lack of people there.

“Many villages in Libaran are without the most basic of infrastructure, treated pipe water supply as well as electricity while many roads to the villages are in deplorable condition. Yet, he dares tell the people that I have neglected Semporna.

Folks in Beluran at a Parti Warisan Sabah campaign in Muanad on Thursday evening.

“Libaran and neighbouring Sandakan are crying out; the people are suffering from high cost of living and burdened further with the goods and service tax (GST) while youths have to leave their families and go out in search of jobs,” he said in a statement.

Shafie said Musa held all the power as the Chief Minister and he could order things to be done at the snap of his fingers, yet he wondered why the people of Libaran, Sandakan and even Batu Sapi were not enjoying the benefits of so-called development.

Shafie described the allegation that he had failed to visit various districts in Sabah while he was Minister of Rural and Regional Development as an outright lie, because it was Musa who was responsible for barring him from getting briefings by District Officers and heads of various government agencies including the Public Works Department.

Shafie at a Parti Warisan Sabah campaign in Kampung Sundang, Sandakan.

On his way from Kinabatangan to Sandakan Wednesday night, Shafie said his convoy passed by five timber-laden lorries and he wondered aloud where the logs were from and where the final destination was.

“They caught my attention firstly because the lorries were overloaded and should have been stopped by the enforcement authorities. I also wonder where the money from the sales of the logs was going to,” Shafie said.

Shafie said when Warisan comes to power he would investigate the dealings of Sabah Foundation, its commercial arm, Innoprise Corporation as well as its subsidiaries, to see how much profits were made and where it had gone to.

On Thursday morning, Shafie spoke at Batu Sapi, where he campaigned for Parti Warisan candidates – Liew Vui Keong (Batu Sapi), George Hiew (Karamunting) and Arifin Asgali (Sekong) and expressed confidence that the party could make a clean sweep of the constituency.

Shafie addressing the crowd at a Parti Warisan Sabah campaign in Kg Sundang, Sandakan.

He said in nearby Sandakan, DAP, its polls partner was also certain to retain the parliament seat as well as wrest the two state constituencies of Tanjung Papat and Elopura.

In his speech, Shafie said the new government had plans to create real industries in the region, be it factories processing crude palm oil into cooking oil and other downstream activities; as well as a seafood hub, with a tuna canning factory – all with the intention of creating jobs for the people.

He also announced that Warisan had massive plans to develop the fledgling tourism industry in Sandakan that would ensure visitors to the east coast stay for two to three days so that hoteliers and restaurateurs can benefit financially from their stay.

According to Shafie, Sandakan offered numerous tourism packages only that it was not properly packaged, so much so, visitors came for the day and hardly stayed overnight.

Shafie also chided the Sandakan Municipal Council for failing in its responsibility in keeping the town clean and allowing many buildings to fall into disrepair and become haunts of illegal immigrants while some buildings had vegetation growing on it.

The crowd at a Parti Warisan Sabah campaign in Kg Sundang, Sandakan.

In Kampung Paris 1 and 3 on Wednesday night, Shafie pledged to the people that he would look into creating a bigger township in Kinabatangan as well as establishing suitable industries that would bring prosperity to the people.

He also said that he had been informed the people were saddled with land issues and he said this would get his utmost attention when he became Chief Minister.

In Kinabatangan, some 900 people many of them from Barisan Nasional component parties submitted their application forms to Shafie to form seven new Parti Warisan branches in the district.

At Batu Sapi, some 2,000 people comprising Umno, PBS, SAPP as well as other parties submitted their application forms. They included PBS Batu Sapi division chief

On Thursday night Shafie continued his statewide campaign with a meet-the-people session at Beluran, attracting some 1,500 people.