GE14: Give Us An Answer, Threats Not The Way, Junz Tells Musa Aman

Junz Wong, standing centre, said he was only posing a question, and usually when a question is directed at a person, a response rather than a threat, is the norm.

KOTA KINABALU: Musa Aman as caretaker chief minister and CEO of Tanjung Aru Eco Development (TAED) should reply to my queries on the project and the alleged China loan taken using the 830 acre site as collateral, a Parti Warisan Sabah candidate said Tuesday.

Junz Wong, who is contesting the Tanjung Aru seat, said Musa has the obligation to respond to matters of public concern and urgency, instead of threatening to take legal action against him.

“What is my crime,” Junz posed. “I did not accuse him of doing any wrong.

“I made it perfectly clear (at my press conference on Sunday) that all I was seeking is a clarification after I found a letter claiming the TAED land has been charged for a hybrid loan from China.”

He added that there is obviously a big difference between an inquiry and an accusation, if Musa does not know that.

“All that is needed from Musa, instead of going into a frenzy as is his usual style, is to come out with a clear response. Just yes or no would have been proper,” Junz who is also Parti Warisan vice president added.

“It is as simple as that and I’m sure it will put to rest the curiosity of Sabahans especially the people most affected by the project.

“Threatening to take legal action against me does not give us a right answer. It adds more questions than answers,” Junz pointed out.


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