GE14: Campaign Maturely, Stop Gutter Politics, DAP Sabah Tell Rivals

The Warisan Sabah-Pakatan Harapan Ceramah Grand Finale slotted for Tuesday night at the Lido basketball court where the respective party candidates for Kota Kinabalu and Penampang will be speaking.

PENAMPANG: DAP Sabah headquarters here strongly condemns acts of political sabotage by supporters of any political party as we gear towards Malaysia’s 14th General Elections.

Concurrently, DAP is calling upon all political candidates and parties to respect the laws and to ensure their supporters uphold the highest standard of etiquette in their respective campaigns.

“We refer to acts of sabotage by an unknown source of supporters who hung the provisionally deregistered Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) among DAP and Warisan’s flags, banners and posters,” said Adrian Banie Lasimbang of DAP Sabah.

Lasimbang, who is the Campaign Director for his sister Jannie, the Kapayan candidate, said he discovered PPBM flags among DAP and Warisan’s campaign materials within the vicinity of Dongonggon township at 2.00pm on May 7, 2018.

The presence of the PPBM flag in Penampang is curious as the Malaya-based party is not contesting any seat in Sabah.

He was also alerted that some PPBM flags were also hung in other places such as in front of the KDCA Hall where the campaign for Penampang BN candidates took part the day before.

“We do not know of the source of these cowardice acts,” he said in a statement Monday. “This insidious act of placing a currently unregistered political party flag associated with its de’ facto leader, Mahathir was intended to instigate hatred towards our political party and candidates.

“Obviously, we have been working really hard to uphold the highest level of campaigning by focusing on our manifesto and Jannie can offer should she win the Kapayan seat. This attempt to dismiss our hard work undermines the festival of democracy our Nation is currently enjoying.

“As if playing with sentiments were not enough to mislead voters by hanging PPBM’s flags around our materials, PPBM is not even contesting in any Parliament or ADUN seats in Sabah,” Adrian added.

Adrian reiterated DAP’s condemnation of immature politics by supporters of the irresponsible political party/ies involved.

“Additionally, we ask other political candidates to rise above gutter politics and urge their supporters to also adhere to mature politics etiquette,” he added.