Full Immigration Checks On Travellers Via Labuan Airport Starts Tuesday

LABUAN: Beginning this Tuesday, those travelling to and from the duty-free-island here via the Labuan Airport will be subjected to a full immigration check.

The first-ever implementation of the immigration check at the airport starting May 2, is aimed at enhancing and strengthening security at the airport’s entry and exit.

Ahmad Ali, centre, at Thursday’s press conference in Labuan where he announced that stricter immigration checks will be made on all travelers starting next week.

Labuan immigration director Ahmad Ali said the implementation of the immigration check was in line with the government’s effort to preserve national sovereignty.

He said since 2014, more than 300 cases under the Immigration Act, Passport Act and National Registration Department Act were committed at the Labuan Airport.

“Despite implementation of (100 per cent) immigration checks at the Labuan Airport, the free flow of travellers to the island will not be jeopardised,” he told a press conference here Thursday.

According to Ahmad, Labuan MP Datuk Rozman Isli highlighted the need to monitor the inflow and outflow of the travellers via the airport in previous Parliament sessions.

He said in 2014, the immigration office was opened at the airport following an impassioned call by the MP whereby, random checks were conducted on travellers.

“However, following a number of arrests involving those who traveled via Labuan Airport, we applied for a full domestic travellers immigration check at the airport, and it was approved and took effect since April 10,” he added.

Ahmad said the immigration check on travellers via Labuan Airport had not been conducted since December 2009, in line with the Immigration (Exemption) Order for the Sabah and Sarawak sector (Free Flow).