Fuel prices drop further

The retail prices of RON97 and diesel will be lower by nine sen per litre effective midnight tonight until March 20.

The Finance Ministry, in a statement today, said the price of RON97 and diesel will be RM2.10 and RM1.87 per litre respectively.

The price of RON95 also drops by seven sen to RM1.82 from RM1.89 per litre previously.

“The uncertainty in the global crude oil prices is currently being influenced by non-coordinated output by major oil producers and the Covid-19 outbreak that impacts the global economy.

“As a measure to stabilise the fluctuations in oil prices for consumers, and at the same time, to balance uncertainties in oil revenue for the government, retail price for both RON95 and diesel has been reduced to RM1.82 and RM1.87 a litre, respectively,” the statement said.

The government will continue to monitor the impact of global crude oil price changes and take appropriate steps to ensure the welfare and well-being of the people, especially in tackling the rising cost of living.