Frustrations Rise As Problems Persist On Labuan’s Telecommunication Lines

Gambar internet.

LABUAN: With local telecommunication companies unable to shed much light on technical troubles suffered by Labuan’s telecommunication line, members of the public and business community have continued to vent their frustrations on social media.

They claimed the telcos had ignored Labuan being a small federal territory, as they only reaping small profit ever since they operated on the island.

Labuan Chamber of Malay Entrepreneurs (DUML) president Datuk Seri Mohd Alias Abd Rahman said the internet service disruption had continuously affected the business community at large with investors forwarded the complaints to the telcos and ministry concerned for immediate solution.


He said Labuan being an international financial centre and oil and gas with international networking in dire need of efficient and speed internet connection.

“Not only the two major sectors, but also the Labuan’s containerised port of Labuan Liberty Wharf which is widely used the internet connection for its cargo handling,” he said.

Alias said there had been reports and complaints forwarded to the telcos (name of telcos to be undislcosed) for solution but to no avail.

“The internet outage gives difficulties to business establishments here, if this left unresolved, will scare away investors,” he said.

Alias stressed the slowdown connection or temporary internet shutdowns or reductions in the speed of web traffic lasting few days impact the economy through temporary periods of reduced productivity and losses in time-sensitive transactions.

A spokesman of a certain telco said one possible cause for the disruption, that is now being investigated, is telecommunications equipment.

“We are checking for possible interference between the telecommunications network system during peak hours when most of the incidents are said to have occurred,” the spokesman said.