Free Health Screening At Govt Clinics Helps Detect NCD, Prevent Premature Death, Says Dzulkefly

SEMPORNA: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has called on the people to utilise the health clinics set up by the government nationwide to carry out health screening to prevent premature death, especially due to non-communicable diseases (NCD).

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said NCD is among the main causes of premature death as most people are not aware of the importance of early health screening.

“The NCD that is the main cause of premature death is high-blood or hypertension, and if accompanied by diabetes, it is the recipe for premature death by heart attack or stroke.

“Hence,  I urge the people, especially the B40 group, to do the health screening (at the Health Clinic). It is (health screening) free,” he told reporters after the launch of the “Jelajah Kampungku Sihat” programme here today.

Dzulkefly said it is the government’s hope that the peoplewill take the necessary preventive measures, including going for health screning for early detection, to overcome the high cost of medical care.

“Health is the foundation to quality life and healthcare is the responsibility of all. The notion that health is the responsibility of the (health) authorities, especially the Health Ministry, wrong.

“The development of sophisticated hospitals, the provision of expertise and medicines will continue to be an issue if the preventive aspects are not given attention to,” he added.