Former PKR Branch Heads In Sarawak Join PSB

SIBU: Two former PKR branch leaders have joined Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB), the party’s president, Wong Soon Koh said today. He said they brought along about 6,000 supporters in the Kuala Rajang and Semop state constituencies.

The two men are former Tanjung Manis PKR protem committee chairman Abang Aditajaya Abang Alwi and former Sibu PKR branch chief Abdul Raafidin Majidi.

Wong said the pair will be able to become PSB candidates in the coming state elections in the Kuala Rajang and Semop constituencies.

Wong said PSB had strong support among all communities, including the Malay-Melanau, and denied that the party’s support was only from the Dayak community.

“Because of the demographic composition, there are of course many more Dayaks joining PSB. Actually we have strong support from all the communities including the Malay-Melanau such as in Lingga, Muara Tuang, Kabong, Asajaya, Tellian, Balingian, Bekenu, Lambir, Saribas, Bukit Kota, Sebuyau and Demak Laut,” he said.

Aditajaya and Raafidin vowed to fight for the native customary land rights. They later submitted their PSB membership forms to Wong.