Five-Time Batu Sapi/Sekong Voter Shocked By ‘Strange Move’ To Perak

An angry Sani Mohamad holds up his voting slip that indicates where he is to vote in GE14 and his MyKad which gives a Kg Bakau, Sekong address.

SANDAKAN: For the last five general elections, Sani bin Mohamad cast his vote in (the State seat of) Sekong as well as the Batu Sapi parliamentary constituency. But for the GE14, Sani will not be voting.

Most probably, somebody will be casting the vote ‘on his behalf’ as on Sunday he rudely discovered that he had been ‘moved’ to SJK (Cina) Keow Min in Perak. This was done without his knowledge and approval.

When he checked his voting status at the Dewan Hakka here Sunday morning, Sani to his utter shock, found he is now a voter for the Hutan Melintang state seat and the Bagan Datuk parliament seat in Perak.

The beleaguered ‘pa’cik’ (uncle) was nearly in tears as Wirawati volunteers from Parti Warisan explained to him that this time around he would not be casting his vote in Sabah, let alone Batu Sapi.

“How can they do this to me,” he wailed. “I don’t even know where Bagan Datuk is.”

A check by Parti Warisan Sabah volunteers showed that someone had changed the voting station of Sani, who for the last five general elections had cast his vote at Sekong/Batu Sapi.

The incumbent member of parliament for Bagan Datuk is Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the caretaker deputy Prime Minister and acting deputy president in Umno.

After he calmed down and was comforted by friends and Warisan Sabah leaders, Sani said he would be lodging a report with the police as well as the Election Commission as he suspected something amiss.

Sani said he had never approached the EC to change his voting address as he had no reason to.


Warisan Sabah leaders said Sani is not the only Sabahan to be affected by this mysterious change of voting place.

They claimed that they had received complaints from voters that they had either been ‘moved’ without their knowledge or that they had found the names of their relatives as voters although they had never registered in the first place and were overseas.

Parti Warisan Sabah executive secretary Arifin Asgali who is a native of Batu Sapi said he believed that this was an elaborate plot by people in Barisan Nasional who, in cahoots with certain EC officials, to deny voters their right to vote.

“We will certainly assist Sani to lodge reports with the relevant authorities, and we will inform our counterparts in Perak (for that particular voting area) to protest if ‘someone’ were to cast his vote on behalf of Sani,” said Arifin.

“Obviously, if someone is to take Sani’s place, than that person is a phantom voter. Someone is trying to cheat here and that must never take place.”

Sani, 62, from Kampung Bakau in Sekong said he hopes he would still be able to vote in GE14 as he wants to join the masses in voting for change.