Fear That BN Will Challenge Validity Of Sabah Polls When Warisan Wins


KOTA KINABALU: Both the Prime Minister as well as Chief Minister cannot overlook the inclusion of the 13 new State seats in the Sabah constitution as if it never existed.

It has been gazetted and is now law.

Shafie Apdal, a federal lawmaker said because this is an enactment, which is the law, no one can turn a blind eye, and only the State Assembly can reconvene and revert to the original 60 seats.

He said Parti Warisan Sabah, which he heads, was afraid that when it wins the State at the next elections (GE14) the losers could seek a legal option to nullify the results.

According to Shafie, it looked as if the Barisan Nasional was running scared by not including the new seats in GE14, stressing it was the BN that had pushed for the new seats and now felt they were not capable of winning.

“The BN is bigger than us. Why are they scared of a small party like Warisan,” he said at a Press conference Saturday where he also said that the party would come to the aid of three ‘malim gunung’ suspended by Sabah Parks because they had unfurled the opposition party flag on Mount Kinabalu.

“What is very sad indeed is that the decision made by the Sabah State Assembly is not respected at all. It’s very sad indeed.”

“This is the right of Sabahans. If this is ignored, what more smaller people like us,” he added.

“When the elections are over and Warisan wins, don’t bring this to court to challenge the victory.”

The Sabah state assembly gazetted the 13 seats two years ago. In August 2016, the Sabah state assembly passed a bill to increase the number of state seats from 60 to 73.

Sukarti Wakiman, the State Secretary recently said the proposal to have the 13 new seats would be tabled together with that of new parliamentary seats in the state at a future Dewan Rakyat sitting.

On another issue, Shafie denied suggestions by Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) that his party was avoiding BN strongholds and campaigning mainly in opposition areas.

Shafie rubbished the accusation and said Warisan had been covering all of Sabah including in BN strongholds.

“I have gone to Libaran; is that an opposition area,” asked Shafie.

“Have you seen me going to Kinabatangan? I was there last week. In fact I have been to Tawau and Ranau, all of which are BN areas,” he added.


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