Farmer Who Impregnated 15-Year Old Faces ‘Bakakuk n Bullets’ Charge Too

The 15-year old girl had been raped by her grand-uncle farmer for three years and recently got pregnant. Photo for illustration only.

PAPAR: A farmer, who allegedly has been raping his grandniece since she was 13, resulting in her now being pregnant at the age of 15 was arrested by police on Thursday.

He also faces the possibility of a second charge when a homemade rifle, locally known as a ‘bakakuk’ and some bullets were found in his house at Kampung Kaiduan here, after a police search the same day.

The victim, said to be 10 weeks’ pregnant now, is currently under doctors’ observation at the Papar district hospital. The last time she was raped was earlier this year.

She had been living with her granduncle since her parents divorced 11 years ago, Papar police chief Deputy Superintendent Nor Azizulkifli Mansor said Saturday.

The 57-year-old man was nabbed after the victim lodged a report at the Papar police station at about 3.30pm on Feb 23.

The girl was accompanied by other family members.

A police team was then sent to raid the suspect’s house following the report, and the suspect was arrested at about 5.50pm the same day,” he said.

Deputy Superintendent Nor Azizulkifli Mansor, second left, said the suspect is being investigated for rape as well as possession of a bakakuk and bullets. Here he shows off the weapon and bullets that were seized from the man’s house. – Photo credit PDRM Papar

Following the raid, police also found the ‘bakakuk’ as well as 14 bullets belonging to the suspect’s friend.

Subsequently police detained another man, aged 62, who is believed to have sold the bullets to the first suspect.

Nor Azizulkifli said Investigations revealed that the second suspect did possess a licence to own a firearm and bullets, but had illegally been selling bullets to other gun owners.

“The suspect was remanded for four days till Monday and the case is being investigated under Section 11 of the Arms Act 1960,” he added.

He said the first suspect had been remanded for seven days till next Wednesday, under Section 376(3) of the Penal Code and section 8(a) of the Firearms Act 1960.