Face Shields For 400 Beauty Salons, Reflexology Centres

KOTA KINABALU: Beauty salons and reflexology services have a big clientele, hence the need for better safeguards in light of the continuing threat posed by Covid-19.

Bearing this in mind the state Youth and Sports Ministry has now stepped forward with a donation of 3,000 face shields for some 400 hair and beauty salons as well as reflexology centres in the capital.

The initiative was a joint effort between the ministry and City Hall, Junior Chambers International (JCI) Tanjung Aru and the Luyang Community Development Leaders Unit.

Speaking to reporters, Youth and Sports Minister Phoong Jin Zhe said a face shield is part of the essential protective gear that must be worn by these workers while on duty.

“However, I was made to understand that operators of beauty salons and reflexology centres have run out of face shields and many of them do not know where to obtain them.

“Therefore, we have stepped forward to distribute face shields to these operators in the city with the support of City Hall, which I am thankful for,” he said after distributing the face shields to beauty salons and reflexology centres at the Foh Sang area.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, and I would like to remind all shop operators, not just the salons and reflexology centres, to continue being careful and ensure that the health and safety of everyone is safeguarded.”

He reminded them to avoid crowding their premises with more customers are expected to turn up.

Phoong, who is the assemblyman for Luyang, also verified that there had been no outbreak among the community in Luyang although a confirmed case was reported in the area last week.

Previously, messages claiming that there was a new Covid-19 cluster involving several residential areas in Luyang were circulated on social media.

“I would like to therefore thank all medical personnel and frontliners for their hard work to help contain the spread of the coronavirus among the communities and call on the public to continue being disciplined (in implementing safety measures),” he said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Datuk Nordin Siman who was present during the distribution said business operators in the city have been showing improvement when it comes to complying with the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Overall business operators here have no problems adhering to the SOPs and we continue to conduct daily inspection around shopping malls and markets, among others,” he said.

Nordin added that it is important to continue observing social distancing and wear face masks and use sanitisers even though the Covid-19 situation in Sabah seems to be under control.