Exchange And Fellowship Programme Hosts 30 Malaysian Youths In China

Among the Sabahans and Sarawakians in the tour group include Amy Lau (Sibu), Lynlie (Penampang), Jainysius Sipan (Tuaran), Jasran Elik (Penampang), Justin Wong (Kota Kinabalu), Leslie Lau (Miri), Faizul Zuraimi (Kuching) and Chia Kah Furng (Miri).

KINABALU: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia in collaboration with Fujian People’s Provincial Government recently launched the Inaugural Malaysia-China Youth Exchange and Fellowship Programme.

30 Malaysian Youth Leaders have been selected through a rigorous selection process to represent Malaysia to spend 8 days in Fujian Province, from October 23.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia Bai Tian, in a statement highlighted that bilateral relationship between China and Malaysia will be further strengthened through such holistic cooperation.

China’s rapid development and accomplishments in many fronts especially those in innovation and technologies have been well recognized and received at the global stage.

“The world is in fact smaller with internet connectivity and the IOT to facilitate communications and transfer of information, but there is nothing like seeing things with your own eyes and experiential learning,” eluded Bai Tian.

He said he believes that the Malaysian youth will be exposed to Chinese culture, build networks and friendship with Chinese youth Leaders who have also been selected to participate in this exchange programme.


He trusts that this is the beginning of how our younger generation can build bridges and strengthen mutual understanding between the two countries.

Bai Tian is a firm believer that our young generation is the fundamental of people-to-people connectivity between our two countries; as youth represents the future of our two countries.

CEO of the Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology (CREATE) being the Secretariat of the fellowship programme CREATE highlighted that this inaugural programme was very well received by the Malaysian youth community.

“We received more than 200 applications from youth between the age of 18-28, and I’m impressed with the quality of talents that we have in Malaysia, especially female youth,” said Ng Yeen Seen.

30 youth leaders were selected from peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak; the selection process was very competitive.

The Malaysian delegates who left for China on Wednesday will be visiting key institutions in Fujian Province and they will be meeting with policy makers, opinion makers, and enterprises like Xiamen Science and Industry University, Innovation Park, The World of Panda, and some successful technology companies.

Yeen Seen also believes that a country will thrive when its youth continue to have ideals, good values, leadership qualities and be responsible.

She hopes that more Malaysian Youth will be interested in participating in similar diplomatic programs in the near future, thereby contributing to closer bilateral relationships between our two countries.