Ex Berjaya Minister catches ‘Orang Minyak’ Who Tried To Rob Him

Conrad Mojuntin being treated for a head wound. – Photo taken from Whatsapp

PENAMPANG: Conrad Mojuntin tussled with an ‘orang minyak’ who tried to break into his house here early Saturday morning, and despite being bloodied, managed to apprehend the oily robber.

According to a friend of the former Berjaya minister, Mojuntin confronted the man, who was bare-bodied and had black oil all over his arms and gave chase when the would-be robber bolted.

Over social media, this was posted, apparently by Conrad himself, along with some photographs of the assailant as well as that of him being treated for a head injury.

“This person came into my compound early to morning to steal. With no shirt on and his arms all covered in black oil.

The alleged ‘orang minyak’ who was caught.

“I chased him and with the help of (personnel) of a police patrol car unit, managed to apprehend him (assailant) near the Penampang bypass.

Conrad was treated by a medical personnel for a head wound.

Police could not be contacted for comment as Rosley Hobden, the district police chief is said to have been recently transferred out.

BorneoToday is attempting to get Conrad for further comments.

Conrad was former Moyog Assemblyman and Minister of Youth and Sport. He was also a boxer in his younger days.

This is the second time within a week of yet another former Berjaya minister being in the news, although both cases are not related.

Last week, an Uber driver lodged a police report claiming that a former Berjaya minister had threatened him with a gun after his car was knocked into from behind by the VIP who is chairman of a company in Tanjung Aru area.