Establish Source Of RM13M Found In Hotel; Harapan Calls For Full Probe

Part of the money that was seized from a hotel room and an apartment in Kota Kinabalu last week.

KOTA KINABALU: Pakatan Harapan Sabah has called for a thorough investigation into the discovery and seizure of RM13 million by Sabah Immigration Department during an operation at a hotel here, on Friday.

Christina Liew, its chairman, stressed that this is necessary so as to ascertain the real source of the money; whether it was really linked to prostitution or a human trafficking syndicate, or could be more to it, like illegal gambling, drug trafficking or even money laundering.


“RM13 million is not a small amount and we believe that the raid by the Immigration Department, which led to the discovery of the money, was not just a coincidence. It must have been acted upon based on reliable information.

“And the strange thing was, the informant had chosen to tip the Immigration Department off, instead of the police. Something is just not right somewhere; and the public deserve to know the truth. There should be no cover up in this case,” she said in a statement.

Liew who is also Sabah PKR chairman cum the Api-Api Assemblywoman also stressed that it is important that the relevant authorities step up efforts to prevent crime syndicates from turning Kota Kinabalu City into a ‘sin city’ which would ultimately bring disrepute to the city, and the state, as a whole.

“As it is, Sabah is already infamous of human trafficking crimes, which is among the highest in the country, as revealed by Ramli Din, the Sabah Police Commissioner, in May this year,” she noted.

Ramli was previously reported as saying that arrests of human trafficking linked crimes involved labour, services and the sex trade.