Esscom man says good personal character vital to combat transborder crime


KUNAK – Building good personal character within the  community which encompasses gratefulness, solidarity and selflessness is important in fighting transborder crime in the nation’s waters, particularly in Sabah’s east coast.

Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) deputy commander, Brig Gen. Dr Mohd Kenali Basiron said conceptually, long-term national security maintenance was in the hands of the community through good, strong character of members of the community.

“For example, the issue of kidnapping is not easy to tackle…they (kidnappers) don’t come here by just rowing their ‘sampan’ or by speedboats, kidnap (their victims) and go.
“But it has to do with the residents here, besides the problem of managing  illegal immigrants and the problem of documentation.

“This (tackling the problems) also involves solidarity, which is determined by the local residents themselves…if the community on their own accord, do not want others (illegals) to come here, then it’ll be easier for our security forces to tackle it.”

Mohd Kenali said this after officiating at an Aidiladha ‘korban’ event between Esscom and Kunak residents at the grounds of Babul Qhair Mosque, Kampung Kunak Tiga, here, Wednesday.

He said that was why building good personal character was important so that the local community and the security forces could be mutually supportive in fighting crime such as kidnapping which had often occurred in the waters of the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone).

Meanwhile, Esscom chief executive officer, Noor Alam Khan Abdul Wahid Khan said the agency encouraged the local community to assist the security forces in preventing intrusion of the nation’s waters by foreign criminals.