Ensure Correct History; MA63 More Significant Than 1MDB – Junz Wong


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah vice President Datuk Junz Wong has pointed out that the Malaysia Agreement (MA63) is far more significant and of greater historic value as compared with the scandalous 1MDB issue.

Junz said this when commenting on Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik’s statement in Parliament that he wants to include the 1MDB saga in history books so that future generations will not make the same mistake.

Dr Maszlee said this when answering a supplementary question by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan (BN–Pontian) in Parliament Monday (Dec 3).


Junz stated that every individual has the right to know the true history of our nation’s formation, specifically on acknowledging that Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are equal partners.

“Knowing the true history will promote respect and strengthen unity among the three partners. Every individual should know how our country was formed, just like knowing who our biological parents are,” he said.

Junz affirmed that before 1963, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya were individual entities; Malaysia was not found in the world map then.

Only on September 16, 1963, Malaysia was jointly formed by Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore (which later withdrew in 1965).

He also pointed out that on August 31st, 1957 it was Malaya that declared its independence, and NOT Malaysia.

“Malaysia has not been formed yet and this is important for every Malaysian to know especially the West Malaysians” Junz said.

Junz who is also the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Sabah noted that this is the best time, after the corrupt BN-UMNO government has been overthrown, to restore the truth of Malaysian history and the existence of MA63.

“Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are equal partners and have equal rights. Sabah is not one of the thirteen states, and so is Sarawak. This is the time to restore these historical facts, It’s now or never,” he added.

Undeniably, knowledge on 1MDB may warn our younger generation to support a clean government against corrupted ones, but it is far more important for young Malaysians to learn about the formation of our country so to become patriotic, respectful and proud citizens.

He also suggested that the Sabah government could do its part to ensure Sabahans know all about MA63 and the 20 Points, Sabah’s autonomy on various issues, such as Religion, Language, Constitution, Head of Federation, Name of Federation, Immigration, Right of Secession, Borneanisation, British Officers, Citizenship, Tariffs and Finance, Special Position of indigenous races, State Government, Transitional Period, Education, Constitutional safeguards, Representation in Federal Parliament, Name of Head of State, Name of State, and Land, Forests and Local Government.