Enhancing Strategic Partnership For Media – Labuan Corporation

LABUAN: The local authority of Labuan Corporation (LC) will continue to strengthen working relationships with the media fraternity in creating awareness on the direction of this duty-free-island’s socio-economic development.

LC chief executive officer, Rithuan Ismail said for over a decade, media-LC relations have grown rapidly from news dissemination to the voluntary contribution to the society.

“As both sides are engaging in sharing integrity information towards an economic stability, our direction for Labuan’s economic prosperity and development are all the more intertwined.

“The journalists are agents of change…you can mould the thinking and perception of the people, and you can help educate people to be a good citizen through integrity news consumption,” he said during a courtesy call by the Labuan Media Practitioner Association at his office today.

He said LC would continue to improve its service delivery system to the public, and journalists must also give a fair view on what it had done.

Rithuan said the agency’s corporate affairs department would enhance its role to be more proactive in channelling information as needed by the media representatives.

“We must work together to project the good image of Labuan and promote the island’s economic potential for its economic development and growth.

“Labuan, being the Malaysia’s international business and financial centre and regional oil and gas hub is potential of becoming an economic hub.

“We always welcome investment and cooperation, especially in food production and manufacturing sector, healthcare, education, and production of building or construction materials, and we will facilitate,” Rithuan said.

Rithuan said Labuan must stop its heavy-dependence on food imports and raw materials from mainland Sabah or other parts in the country.

“To this, both media and LC must enhance cooperation to build a good reputation for Labuan,” he said.