End Of The Road For Sabah’s Teacher Training Colleges in Keningau, Tawau

The Institut Pendidikan Guru Tawau and Keningau campus will end its days of producing teachers and will be converted to skills training colleges instead.

KOTA KINABALU: Two teacher training institutes (IPG) in Tawau and Keningau respectively, will soon be converted for vocational and polytechnic training, the Ministry of Education has confirmed.

In a written reply to Stephen Wong, the DAP Member of Parliament for Sandakan, the ministry said that

In response to verbal question by Stephen Wong, the federal that at a cabinet meeting on May 24, 2017, it was decided that IPG Keningau will be converted to a vocational college and IPG Tawau will become a polytechnic college.


Wong was told that the changes will be implemented by phase until the last degree students’ graduate in 2021.

“For the remaining IPG in Sabah, the Gaya campus (Kota KInabalu) and Kent campus (Tuaran) will remain unchanged as teacher training institutes,” Wong said in a statement to BorneoToday.

In response to the conversions, Wong said that it is questionable as Sabah still needs large number of local teachers especially in rural and remote area.

“Why not build new vocational and polytechnic colleges if there is really a need,” he queried.

Wong stressed that the four IPG in Sabah played important role in educating teaching manpower for the state.

“Not only in terms of its significance, but demographically speaking, each existing IPG are located in different populated district to serve people in respective district, it is difficult and burdening for Tawau student to travel to the Gaya or Kent campus for teaching-training if Tawau campus is to be converted,” he stressed.

He said that the government must come clean on the future planning of said two IPG, stressing that no compromise should made if the quality of education is affected after the changes.

In the written reply, the ministry also stated that the number of graduates for the four IPG from 2012 to 2016 was placed at 303, 294, 597, 370 and 304.