‘Elect CM Of Your Choice Or Have a Puppet Leader Installed By Umno’

A peoples’ leader; Shafie Apdal shares a simple meal with the people of Karakit, Banggi Island while listening to their woes which the BN-Umno had failed to resolve for almost 25 years.

KUDAT: Parti Warisan Sabah allows the people in the state to elect the chief minister of their choice, while a vote for BN-Umno means another puppet leader would be installed by Putrajaya.

After 24 years of BN rule Sabah has turned into a puppet state offering the people nothing but empty promises while Sabah leaders scamper off to meet their Malaya masters to receive their instructions.

Recently, BN’s manifesto pledge to make the rights of Sabah in the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 a reality but only by consensus, came as a slap in the face for Sabahans.

Speaking at an informal gathering at Banggi early Thursday, and later at Kampung Pangaraban on the mainland, Shafie Apdal, the Warisan Sabah president said the BN government was nothing but burdensome to the people and it was time for a change.

The crowd at a Warisan event in Kg Karakit, Banggi on Thursday afternoon.

“The people have told us (Warisan) that they are suffering under BN rule. They say there is a lack of jobs available and as such there is not enough money to spend. Yet they are compounded by the high cost of living made worse by the implementation of the dreaded GST.

“Our Sabah people are leaving the State by the thousands in search of jobs in the Klang Valley and Johor as there are no jobs locally, yet Musa Aman goes ahead with supposedly prestigious projects like the state administration centre and a convention centre – for whom – for Musa’s comfort,” said Shafie.

“So enough of being controlled by those people over there (Malaya). We can manage Sabah on our own and who else but us Sabahans who know what is best for us.”

He said the administration centre was not urgent at all as there was already an oversupply of government-owned buildings, while the convention centre could have been financed by the federal government.

Shafie giving out party flags to a head of a polling district centre in Kg Pangaraban, Tanjung Kapor, Kudat.

In both places where hundreds of people turned up to hear him speak, Shafie said the money for these two projects which cost almost RM1 billion, could have been put to better use in this slow economic times.

He said the people needed affordable houses, sponsored education as well as better health facilities instead of putting up buildings that would not benefit the ordinary people as a whole.

He also said that the people in Sabah preferred a monthly salary through fixed jobs, instead of BR1M, which only gives temporary relief.

Shafie said the Musa government had failed to create job opportunities because they lacked the will and ideas to assist the people.

Shafie giving out party flags to a head of a polling district centre in Kg Karakit, Banggi Island.

“The moment Warisan is in power, we will do away with communal titles as well as reform the Land and Surveys Department and work out how best to provide land for the people. These details will be disclosed in good time,” he pointed out.

Shafie confidently told the people at the two gatherings that once Warisan is in power, its elected representatives would not just be handing out futsal courts and balls, but would be doing their best to provide solutions to the everyday problems faced by the people.

He said topmost on the Warisan list of development projects for Kudat would be a deep-water port which could be used not only to serve the region as well as the rest of the world, but also spur the economy in the region and with its spinoff activities from downstream processing of raw commodities, there would be jobs aplenty.

“No need to go to Kuala Lumpur; no need to go to Johor in search for jobs, in search of a living. The jobs will be made available right here for the people of Kudat, Kota Marudu and even from as far as Kota Belud and Paitan.

Shafie greeting guests at a dinner hosted by Pak Chee Eng in conjunction with LDP members joining Warisan on Thursday night.

“Together with the port we will have a modern railway line connecting Kudat to the State capital, not like the one run by Jabatan Keretapi Negeri Sabah. There will also be a ship repair and maintenance centre so that it can attract vessels passing through these shipping routes.

“So the jobs that the Warisan government will create are not simply manual labour but require skilled workers and that calls for properly trained human capital.”

“Our oil and gas need not be sent to Sarawak or Pengerang (in Johore) to fuel industries there and create jobs for their people. Such industries will be in Kudat and these will see more jobs created.”

According to Shafie, his government would reduce investments in the State capital and distribute them fairly across the State, saying Kota Kinabalu had already reached saturation point.

Guests inside a restaurant in Kudat at a dinner in Tanjung Kapor on Thursday night.

Another issue that earned Shafie loud applause from the people, who are mainly fishermen or those who earn a living from the sea, was his declaration that within 100 days of Warisan forming the government, he would lift the ban on pump boats.

He argued that cross-border kidnapping for ransom was carried out by criminals who operated with super-fast speedboats and not the slow and lumbering pump boat, a favourite means of travelling for the local natives and coastal fishermen.

On GE14, Shafie assured Warisan supporters that the party would be fielding candidates in all the four Kudat seats – Kudat parliament and the state seats of Pitas, Tanjung Kapor and Matunggong, urging them not to listen to rumours that other parties had been given the seats.

“We will work with the DAP and PKR and where we are contesting, they won’t be fielding their candidates. After all our mission is to topple the BN,” he added.