Dullie Slams Upko’s Inconsistency On RUU355, Umno-PAS Cooperation

KOTA KINABALU: The Putatan division of Parti Warisan Sabah has challenged Madius Tangau, the acting President of United Pasok Momogun Organization (Upko), to tell Sabahans the truth about Upko’s insistence that there is nothing wrong about Umno and PAS collaboration in relation to the tabling of RUU355.

According to the Dullie Marie (photo), Parti Warisan Putatan’s chief coordinator for Petagas, it makes no sense if Upko adamantly says that it objects to the Private Members Bill but views that co-operation between Umno and PAS over the issue as normal.

“We all know that Pakatan Rakyat collapsed because of PAS’s insistence to implement Hudud Law and DAP’s relentless objection to it with RUU355 being the straw that supposedly broke the camel’s back,” he said in a statement.

“Therefore, it is important for us to know that neither PAS nor DAP sugar-coated the issue (RUU355) with excuses; they would simply either support or object it.

“But based on what Tangau had affirmed recently, Upko seems to be taking an inconsistent stand on the amendment to RUU355; the party on the one hand purportedly objects to the Bill but views the co-operation between Umno and PAS in relation to the tabling of the same as ‘alright’.”

Dullie added he could not understand how this could be considering that Upko, represented by Donald Mojuntin, is the signatory to the declaration back in May this year objecting to the tabling of the amendment of the Bill.

Dullie said that RUU355 actually extends beyond politics and has nothing to do with religion at all.

“Many activists believe that RUU355 is a direct breach of MA63 because the founding forefathers have clearly intended that the Federation of Malaysia/Sabah shall remain secular.

“The moment amendment to RUU355 is passed it will surely find its way to Sabah (as Sabah had adopted the Original RUU355 in 1989) and this is where all the headache on our State’s rights and privileges will start again!

“So what we need to understand here is, “how PAS will have its amendment to RUU355 be tabled and for that Bill-turned-Parliament Act find its way to Sabah” and all this starts / stems from/with the cooperation between Umno and PAS on tabling itself,” he added.

According to Dullie, compared to Sarawak, there is Umno which controls the State and PAS is equally active in Sabah plus with the amendment in 1973 to the status of Sabah’s religion, then I stand to be corrected that the so-called co-operation on ‘akidah’ between Umno and PAS mentioned by Tangau is highly possible too in Sabah.

Dullie who is also an MA63 activist said that the burden now rests upon the remaining BN Sabah parties to rectify the matter.

“This is true especially when the landmark decision made by the Federal Judges in the Sarawak’s Keruntum case reveals to us that many terms of the MA63 had not been enforced vis a vis Article 8 of the MA63,” Dullie added.

“Hence this puts a situation in that in the event any Muslim Sabahans wants to challenge the amendment of RUU355 once it made its way to Sabah in the future, they will not be able to argue on the ‘intention of the forefathers that the Sabah’ shall remain secular more particularly prescribed in IGC/Cobbold Commission.

“This is so since neither the Federal nor the State Government have activated Article 8 of the Malaysian Agreement 1963 (MA63) and this essentially meant that the argument made by Upko when signing the declaration back in May 2017 is nothing but gimmick unless and until they can get Article 8 activated.

“And since Upko had said it that the co-operation between Umno and PAS in relation of RUU355 is mere on ‘akidah’ then it is now up to the rests of BN Sabah component parties more so PBS, PBRS and LDP (since UPKO have accepted the special affair between UMNO/PAS) to endeavour for the activation of Article 8 MA63 just to ensure that the amended Bill will not make its way to Sabah.

“It would seem that there are legal opinions to state that albeit the original RUU355 was adopted by Sabah in 1989, any amendment to the RUU355 will be contingent on the State Assembly to pass and adopt such amendment of the amended RUU355.

“Probably this is an opportunity for Sabah to also resist the amendment?” he concluded.


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