Don’t Speculate On Kindergarten Teacher Beating, Semporna Cops

Photo that was uploaded in social media

SEMPORNA: Police today have advised the public not to speculate on the incident of a Kemas kindergarten teacher here who was allegedly attacked by six people on Oct 21.

Semporna District Police Chief Supt Sabarudin Rahmat said investigations are still being conducted on the incident and the suspects, aged between 18 and 62, have been detained under Section 324 of the Penal Code.

“We have taken statements from all the suspects and the victim, and will be calling in witnesses at the scene.

“The report of the medical check-up is also required before the investigations are taken to the Deputy Public Prosecutor,” he said in a statement here.

According to Sabarudin, the victim and the six suspects were related.

In the incident on Oct 21, the victim who worked at Tabika Kemas Kampung Sungai Buaya, Semporna lodged a police report after she alleged that she was attacked at 8 a.m. at the kindergarten by two women and four men, including one who was a helper there.

An article about the incident went viral on the social media after it was uploaded on the Facebook account named Pejuang Bonok, garnering 2,500 shares and 1,900 responses from netizens.