Does Sabah PH Have Autonomy In The MoU?

Jeremiah Mayo

KOTA KINABALU : Parti Warisan youth members chastise Sabah PKR Deputy Information Chief, RemystaTaylor who yesterday claimed that Warisan leaders in the likes of its Deputy President, Darell Leiking have been criticizing his party blindly and that young voters will be able to discern which political party they think is sincerely fighting for the interests of the people.

Information Chief of the Penampang Warisan Division, Jeremiah Mayo Gitom said that Remysta should stop acting as if Sabah PKR is a victim and instead shouldequally bear responsibility for allowing their President to enter into the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government which only served to achieve the ulterior motives of certain individuals.

“He (Remysta) talked about PKR signing the MoU for the people. Then in that case, did Sabah PKR actually forward their input on Sabah’s critical needs beforehand to Anwar Ibrahim to have it included in the MoU or at least, effected a mandate to Sabah PH to allow direct discussion between that chapter and Ismail Sabri’sGovernment?

Saifuddin Nasution had confirmed that the MoU allowed greater participation by PH in Ismail Sabri’sGovernment’s policy and decision making processes including the drafting of the 2022 Budget.

So it is now apparent that Sabah and Sarawak’s inherent rights and critical needs, which may have been expressly stated in the understanding (apart from the standard assurance on MA63), were poorly argued and perhaps this could be the reason why paltry allocations were given to both Borneo states under the said budget.

If PH top leaders find it difficult to understand and argue for Sabah and Sarawak’s case, then they should have at least conferred mandate or autonomy to Sabah PKR in that MoU to allow the party to discuss directly with Ismail Sabri’s Government. But Sabah’s critical needs such as economy, security and infrastructure were obviously not given much attention and so I want to ask Remysta this question, “Why did you allow your PKR top leaders from the Peninsula to determine everything for you and Sabah?” Jeremiah said in a statement today.

He also said that his Deputy President, Darell Leikingwas not wrong in chastising PH over the MoU which had opened the doors for racial and religious politics in the country.

“The President (Shafie Apdal) has said it over and over again that we must build a nation and not a particular race or religion and the 2022 Budget shows the opposite prompting our Deputy President (Darell) to remind the Minister of Finance that in view of Jakim being allocated a whopping sum of RM1.5 billion, then the non-Muslimreligious bodies should be given at least RM1 billion (instead of RM50 million) as a one-off token of appreciation for their help in keeping the country intact during the pandemic.

“And had Remysta carefully read the statement by the Strategy Director of Warisan, Christopher Masudal, the MoU affected every single opposition party in Malaysia including PCS, USNO, PSB, PSM and many more because by virtue of the support given by Anwar and other PH top leaders to Ismail Sabri, young voters will now find it difficult to gauge the latter’s performance compared to how it was when Muhyiddin Yasin was the PM.”

Bradley Laurence

Meanwhile the secretary of Putatan Warisan Wira, Bradley Laurence, said that he is perplexed to see Remysta’s insistence on promoting a form of understanding between PH and the current Government when everyone is losing interest on the MoU including Sabah PKR’s own allies, Sabah DAP which has decided to pull out from the Sabah Reform Agenda (SRA) to be executed with GRS.

“Instead of losing sleep over the criticisms made by Warisan leaders on the MoU, Remysta should be more concerned about explaining to Sabah PKR members and supporters as to why Sabah DAP decided to pull out from the SRA because this is akin to a direct snub to PKR which didn’t even know about the decision made 2 weeks ago.

“We at Wira Warisan Putatan fully support the decision made by Sabah DAP because what they did is areflection of a true opposition stance and will enable us all to perform our responsibility in accordance with the principles of check and balance under the leadership of Shafie Apdal who is the Opposition Chief in Sabah.

If the MoU is beneficial to the people as Remystaclaimed it to be, then Putatan folks especially those from DUN Tanjung Aru can look forward to greater assistance and aid from the district’s incumbent Member of Parliament, Awang Husaini Bin Shaari of PKR who will receive the same amount of allocation as Government MPs by virtue of the MoU,” he said.