District Chief’s Eligibility For RM300 via BSP 3.0 Questioned

KOTA KINABALU: A certain District Chief’s eligibility for the RM300 assistance via Bantuan Sabah Prihatin 3.0 has been questioned by Warisan.

In a statement released on Friday, Mohammad Firdaus who is Wira Warisan Putatan Chief said, the Ministry of Rural Development led by Datuk Jahid Jahim must explain the issue.

“I was told that a certain District Chief in the Kinabatangan area is eligible for RM300 assistance via KPLB’s e-kasih database.”

“This issue has brought anger among the people who need help, but were rejected by the government.”

“As far as I am aware, a District Chief’s monthly salary is quite high. So it is impossible for a District Chief to be categorised as a hardcore poor.”

Firdaus added, the local residents in Kinabatangan have also told him that the lifestyle of the said District Chief does not look like one who is a hardcore poor.

“This said District Chief is a civil servant. Both him and wife are civil servants who receive salary from the government. They get paid even during the MCO and lockdown. They have high salary, they own a bungalow and they even drive a Ninja King.”

“So how can this District Chief be categorised as an E-kasih hardcore poor?”

“The Rural Development Minister must explain this.”

Towards the end, Firdaus urged the government to have sympathy for Sabahans that are really facing a tough time during this pandemic.

“The government should be extending the BSP 3.0 to help more real Sabahans in need. But instead, the contrary was done.”

“Certain well connected individuals with high income, big houses and big cars are eligible for government assistance.”

“But the real Sabahans who need help, the government tells them their details are not in the system.”

Recently, Jibrah Jahaya who is the District Chief of Lamag was said to be eligible for the RM300 cash assistance from the Sabah State Government, via BSP 3.0.

Checks to the government-run portal https://bkn-covid.sabah.gov.my/bsp-semak/ also confirms that Jibrah’s name was listed under the Rural Development Ministry’s E-kasih list.