Disgraceful Behaviour Of Barisan Nasional Ministers At Sabah Assembly


COMMENT: I hereby express my disappointment with the mentality of the Sabah Barisan Nasional ministers and how they responded to me when I raised issues pertaining to Yayasan Sabah.

I welcomed the BN plans to constitute and re-classify more forest reserves but I raised concerns over the efficiency and effectiveness of such re-classifying exercise.

I had asked whether or not the 63.9 hectares of Kalabakan forest are to be constituted as Forest Reserve Class I, included those steep areas which already being logged by a private contractor since 2013.

I hope the government is not constituting or re-classifying areas where all logs have been cleared just to look good on paper and thus I asked for clarification.

Over the years, there have been too many constituting, excising, classifying, re-classifying and de-classifying. Therefore I got confused whether it really serves the purpose of conserving our water catchments and preserving our trees and wildlife.

I had also raised the concerning matter of 16 dead Pygmy elephants in the proximity of Gunung Rara Forest Reserve back in 2012, 2013 when the awarding of helicopter logging at said steep areas (which are usually prohibited) was dated July 2013.

The government must give more attention to such serious matters, taking charge to get to the bottom and ensure such things would not happen again.

Senior Ministers like Yahya Hussin accused me of lying, misleading and even challenged me “If you have proof, why don’t you go make police report?”

Also he challenged me to repeat those issues outside the Dewan. (As if I’m afraid)

An assistant minister like Ramlee M even yelled at me, accusing me of being misleading, and stopping me from further pressing for answers on the issue.

Why would they behave like that? Isn’t that like an indirect admission of guilt already and asking me to prove it?

If I were the in the ruling Government, I would be very concerned about the matters concerning the Rakyat.

I would certainly want to know more thoroughly in order to get to the bottom of these issues and ensure that all issues must be dealt with and resolved in the best interests of my people and that such matters don’t happen again in future.

This type of behaviour coming from the BN ministers at the State Assembly is really disgraceful and totally unacceptable.

As an elected representative for the people of Sabah, I am duty bound to raise matters of concern for my people, protect their interests, safeguard their welfares and even more so in the honourable August house of the State Assembly.

Junz Wong is Likas Assemblyman and Vice President Parti Warisan Sabah