Disabled Children Need Better Learning Environment: MP Rozman

LABUAN: Children with learning disabilities needs better learning support environment that would contribute to the individual child’s journey towards self-reliance, independence and expanded opportunities.

Labuan Member of Parliament Datuk Rozman Isli said centres providing services to children with special needs in Labuan are in need of various assistance including financial aid.

“These centres need to provide curriculum and activities which are coherent, broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated, but just do not have the sufficient funds to better learning support environment.

“So as they (centres) are able to provide the children with equal opportunity to develop and maximize their potentials, so that they will eventually grow into independent, productive members of the society and are respected by the community,” he said.

Earlier the lawmaker visited four Labuan community-based rehabilitation centres, University Malaysia Sabah Labuan Autistic Centre and Labuan Deaf Association.

Rozman presented ‘duit raya’ to these children in conjunction with his Ramadan Aidilfitri programme.

He urged corporate bodies and non-governmental organisations across the country especially those operating in Labuan to render assistance including financial aids to these centre for a smooth running operation.

“No doubt these centres are under the Social Services Department, but there is nothing wrong for us to chip in and help to the best of our abilities,” he said.

Rozman said learning disability is a tragic condition and briefly these children struggle to receive, retain and communicate information and they learn today and forgetting it tomorrow.

“They find it awfully difficult to concentrate and reading is such a laborious effort and these setbacks are beyond their control.

“Often they have been labelled as stupid, dumb, lazy or retarded when in actual fact, these conditions usually hide a bright child whose intellect is waiting to be released given the right kind of alternate academic environment and therapeutic interventions.

“I believe it is or obligation to come forward to assist those involved in the rehabilitation exercise at these centres, so as they can run the centres efficiently,” he added.