Dead Man Found In Labuan Waters Likely Brunei-Based Hengyi Employee – Police

LABUAN: The body found floating in Labuan waters yesterday is believed to be an employee of Brunei-based Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd.

Labuan acting police chief DSP Mohd Ibrahim Ghani said this is based on a missing persons report lodged by a representative of the petrochemical company on Dec 29 at the Muara police station.

“We believed the deceased is one of Hengyi Industries’ staff who was reported missing on Dec 29. The body we retrieved from the sea was also decked in attire with the company’s name on it,” he told Bernama today.

Mohd Ibrahim said the victim is believed to have fallen into the sea while on duty. 

He said a team from Hengyi is expected to arrive in Labuan to identify the body tomorrow.

Bernama reported last night that a body was found floating by members of the public at 10 am (Saturday) off Rusukan Kecil Island waters.


Body Of Man Found Floating In Sea Off Rusukan Kecil Island