Darell Leiking Questions Motive Behind DE Report


I was just asked by a reporter over what the PM had said and what was written in the Sabah Daily Express Today.

I am uncertain on what context the reporters had asked the PM and on why the PM had replied as such. Or did the PM actually meant the way the article had been crafted. I have seen how many reportings have been inconsistent with what was actually said and asked. The recent one being about the New National Car. So I will ask on whether the PM had meant what he said or the reporters again may have misquoted the PM.

It is unlikely that the PM would have forgotten or not heard all our Issues Raised in Sabah as well as on Sarawak. In fact the PM whilst accepting that I and my collegues have been consistent in raising Sabah’s issues in the cabinet had always reminded me to not only speak of Sabah but Malaysia as whole as well.

However I remain steadfast that I am from Sabah and that Sabah’s concerns are our priority whilst doing our best for the entire Federation.

The PM and our colleagues in the cabinet are very well aware of what I and my colleagues from Sabah had raised at all Cabinet Meeting.

In fact, even the Demand for RCI (Sabah IC) outcome to be enforced had been raised several times and my colleague YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin knows this well besides all my other cabinet colleagues who are witness to the issues raised in the cabinet.

As for Sabah’s rights, Datuk VK Liew had been consistent to raise the matter and hence the setting up of the MA63 Committee which are managed under Datuk VK Liew’s purview as Minister.

Myself and my colleagues from the Borneo States of Sabah vehemently denies the context of the reporting that had made us look like as if we had never raised Sabah’s issues or any concerns in the Cabinet.

Just at previous Cabinet when chaired by DPM and at the last Cabinet meeting chaired by PM, I had raised the matter on “Jawi” where I gave a strong reminder that Sabah n Sarawak will likely ask for Separate Syllabus within its rights. I had also strongly stated our stand that the same “Option” given to SJKT / SJKC must he given to the the MISSION SCHOOLS (Government Aided) too.

Besides speaking on Sabah’s concerns and on many other issues, We had also always bilaterally spoken to our Colleagues in cabinet and to the PM direct to have an urgent solution on matters in regards to Sabah.

As for the UMS debacle, both the Chief Minister and myself Had discussed on the issue with Dr Mazlee direct and we had stated our stand on the same.

I will seek on a clarification during incoming cabinet meeting on what the PM meant and the context of the reporting made.

*Darell Leiking is the Member of Parliament for Penampang and Minister of International Trade and Industry.