Darell Leiking Notes Malaysia-Singapore Economic Relations Is Good


SINGAPORE: Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Darell Leiking described the economic relations between Malaysia and Singapore as “good”.

Darell noted that the 1962 Water Agreement and High-Speed Rail (HSR) issues would unlikely affect the long-standing relations.

“The trust and closeness between us have always been there. Singapore is very aware Malaysia is going through a tough time. We have fiscal mismanagement,” he said to Bernama on the sidelines of the 50th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ (AEM) Meeting and Related Meetings here Wednesday.

He noted that like China, Singapore knew that “we are going to redo and revamp our fiscal management.

“After all, how could we carry on some projects that will burden our nation?”

On Tuesday, Darell had met his Singaporean counterpart Chan Chun Sing.

Darell said that Chan had expressed hope for the new Malaysian government to continue working closely with Singapore.

“We will be able to resolve any small problems that we have, if any. We never look at the problems. We are looking at solutions,” he stressed.

Darell is currently leading the Malaysian delegation to the AEM Meeting and Related Meetings here for five days until Sept 1.