DAP: Unfair Redelienation An Insult To Citizens’ Will And Democracy

Stephen Wong with DAP Sabah leaders at the rally in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

COMMENT: I feel so frustrated and downhearted when Prime Minister Najib Razak and the BN government are trying to steal the elections (GE14) by implementing the latest redrawing of the electoral boundaries. In turn, BN could easily govern without having to obtain even half of the votes.

This is the greatest insult to the citizens’ will and democracy!

Before attending Parliament in Kuala Lumpur, I participated in a large rally that was organised by Bersih 2.0 to oppose redelineation. Several DAP Sabah leaders attended this rally with me, including DAP Sabah Treasurer Ronnie Loh and DAP Sabah Publicity Secretary Phoong Jin Zhe.

If BN continues not listening to citizens’ will and withdrawing report immediately, this will completely destroy our country’s democratic election! The “one person, one vote” principle and spirit will eventually vanish.

Stephen, centre, with Teresa Kok and Kit Siang.

Due to redelineation, the traditional opposition constituencies will be larger and they will gain all the votes that are deemed to be unfavourable in one constituency. For example, after the division of the Petaling Jaya Utara Parliament, Damansara area becomes larger and the number of voters increases to 160,000.

For those constituencies that are more inclined to UMNO and the ruling party, there are about 560,000 people in average. In other words, this results to unequal votes. In the end, even if there is majority vote for the opposition coalition, the BN could still govern by winning enough constituencies.

The unfair redelineation has already occurred during the previous session. Even if the Pakatan Rakyat won a total vote of 51 percent, the Barisan Nasional could still win 60 percent of parliamentary seats,” he pointed.

Najib and BN, despite their lack of legitimacy and insufficient public support, are still being shameless and instead, promoting further unfair redelineation. According to the analysis, the BN could win two-thirds of the parliamentary seats with a total vote of less than 40 percent.

The gathering that marched on to Parliament.

This clearly indicates unfair redelienation!

As mentioned by the popular British “Economist” magazine, Najib and BN’s approach is literally ‘stealing’ the election and stealing citizens’ will. Eventually, Malaysia’s democracy will be completely collapsed and BN will govern permanently. This is very dangerous,” he added.

The BN’s approach must be severely criticised. BN know they will lose by using a fair election approach, so they would not hesitate to “play foul” and win election with unbearable means.

As such, the citizens must unite. Even if Najib and the BN use all their dirty attempts to steal election, Najib and BN eventually will lose governing power if there are sufficient opposition votes.

I believe Najib created a number of Malay-based constituencies that are considered to be beneficial to UMNO through this redelineation, which is unfavourable and dangerous to the opposition.

However, in fact, if Malay compatriots want to create change by responding to former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad during this election, a shocking “Malay Tsunami” would be generated. In the end, UMNO will still be defeated and change of governance will come to reality.

I hope the citizens will not be discouraged.

On the contrary, in the key opposition areas, the citizens must give continuous support for Pakatan Harapan to stabilize the foundation and to fight against UMNO constituencies continuously. Although it will be challenging, Pakatan Harapan still believes that, as long as citizens desperate for change, no matter how unfair the redelineation is, the desire to change would be realised in the end.

• Stephen Wong Tien Fatt is DAP Sabah Chairman and MP for Sandakan