DAP Set To Lose Third ADUN; Kapayan Lawmaker Edwin Bosi To Switch Sides

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah DAP looks set to lose another elected representative this week with Kapayan Assemblyman Edwin Bosi very likely to join Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS).

Edwin Jack Bosi

Sources told BorneoToday that the announcement by Bosi is likely to be made at the Sabah State Assembly which continues its sitting on Monday (till Thursday).

“”Just wait and see when (he) Bosi supports (Wilfred) Bumburing (PCS president) as the new opposition chief in the state assembly,” a source familiar with the issue told BorneoToday.

This will not be the first time that the veterinarian-turned-politician ditch his back on the DAP, but an earlier move to BN component parties was eventually denied after DAP suffered a mini exodus of state leaders last year.

He was then appointed the State Committee deputy chairman.

His chief grouse is with DAP Sabah chairman Stephen Wong, who had previously dropped him as the secretary of the party in the state, but this time Bosi’s unhappiness is said to be over his defending Kapayan seat which he wrested from the BN in 2013.

When contacted, a senior DAP leader who requested anonymity said he had heard word of Bosi’s impeding switch, confirming that the first (DAP) Kadazandusun elected representative had resigned from the party’s CEC (central executive committee) last week.

File photo of Bosi, second left, at the 2016 Budget sitting; with Jury Limus (UPKO) and Samsudin Yahya (Umno) as well as Jeffrey Kitingan, left, of STAR.

But Bosi leaving the DAP will not cause much ripples as it was not an unexpected move, say the sources, who added that there were signs of his impending move after he showed his displeasure with Wong over seats negotiation.

“I guess the personal differences with (Stephen) Wong is now beyond reconciliation,” the DAP insider said. “It has become personal.

“If he leaves…. it will not affect our work. Life goes on. Maybe it will make seat negotiations easier.”

It is also understood that Bosi would not be defending Kapayan in the next election as there would be a seat swap, with PKR fielding a candidate there if negotiations turn out accordingly.

Bosi would not be dropped but the seat he was offered was not one which he preferred and had asked to be fielded in Moyog instead which is currently held by Warisan Sabah’s Terrence Siambun, but was told it was a ‘no go’.

“His joining PCS, if it materialises, makes sense as then PCS would allow him to recontest in Kapayan,” our sources added.

Bosi will be the third DAP assemblyman to leave after the 2013 elections; after Hiew King Cheu (Luyang) and Junz Wong (Likas). DAP will have only one representative in the state assembly in Chang Foong Hin (Sri Tanjung).