DAP Sabah Condemns Intimidation Arrest Of Maria Chin In Kota Marudu

Adrian Lasimbang
Adrian Lasimbang

KOTA KINABALU – DAP Sabah condemned the action taken by Kota Marudu police to arrest Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah for distributing leaflets at the Langkon, Kota Marudu.

This is an act of intimidation and abuse of power by the police, said DAP Sabah Political Education Director, Adrian Banie Lasimbang on Sunday.

“DAP finds it ridiculous for the police to arrest Maria merely for distributing leaflets that allegedly contravenes the Printing and Publishing Act,” he said in a statement to BorneoToday.

“If it is an offence to do so then the police should also arrest those ‘ah long’ (or loan sharks) who indiscriminately distribute their calling cards and leaflets promoting illegal money lending schemes that cheat the public.”

Polis juga mengambil butir-butir peribadi salah seorang yang berada di kedai, sebab menerima risalah Bersih.
A member of the public, who was at a coffeeshop in Kota Marudu, having his particulars taken down by a policewoman, right. His perceived mistake was to accept a Bersih leaflet. – Photo courtesy of Bersih Sabah

Adrian also questioned as to why members of the public were questioned simply for accepting the Bersih leaflets, and he asked Kota Marudu police to answer these allegations, saying it was harassment.

Adrian added DAP stands in solidarity with Bersih 2.0 and reiterates its commitment for Bersih 5 in line with the principles in upholding Constitutional and civil rights in Malaysia.

He also said DAP demands that the police stop this blatant abuse of power, respect civil rights and focus on their duties in protecting the peace and order.