DAP Kuching Donates 335 Kgs Of Dog And Cat Food To ‘Save Our Strays’

Violet Yong, Dr Kelvin Yii and other DAP members at the handing over of pet food Wednesday morning.

KUCHING: Democratic Action Party, Kuching on Wednesday donated a total of 335 kilograms of dog and cat food to Save our Strays (SOS-Kuching) NGO, to help assist the team in their work and appreciate them especially during the handling of the recent Rabies outbreak.

Save our strays(SOS) is a non-profit all volunteers group, that does rescue operations, trapping, neutering, and feeding dogs and cats on the streets of Kuching.

It is understood that all the expenses of this organization and the feeding of cats and dogs are dependent on the contribution from the public.

Therefore, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) took the initiative to donate to their efforts in appreciation of what they do, it said in a statement.

A total of 20 packets of 15-kilogram dog food and five packetss of seven-kilogram cat food were donated to the organization.

Violet Yong, the DAP Pending elected Representative, Dr Kelvin Yii, Special Assistant to Chong Chieng Jen, DAP Sarawak chief, and other DAP members were present to help deliver the food to ANIMAL WORLD KINGDOM located at King Center – the organization that is responsible for collecting donations from members of the public to this organisation.

“We also would like to encourage any other members of the public who wish to donate to this organization to contact them and together play our part in making our city better,” the statement added.