Current Government More Keen On Blaming Others, Instead Of Taking Steps To Repair Roads In Sabah – Azis

KOTA KINABALU : Road conditions in Sabah have deteriorated to such a level that locals have named them “jalan bulan” due to the deep crater-like potholes that cause damage to vehicles and pose danger to road users.

Somehow, the current government is more keen on blaming others for their failure instead of taking proactive steps to repair the roads, said
Sepanggar Member of Parliament, Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman.

“Pensiangan member of parliament, Arthur Kurup conveniently accused the then Warisan Plus Sabah government for delaying the Pan Borneo project, saying it was because the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) was terminated after the change of government in 2018,” Azis said in a statement released here today.

He was responding to Semporna MP and Warisan president, Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal who highlighted the dangerous road conditions in Sabah in parliament yesterday.

“Arthur left out the fact that the PDP then was none other than the Sabah Umno Youth.

“The PDP was promptly terminated and the government agency, Public Works Department was appointed to monitor and manage the progress of the project after Warisan Plus came to lead the Sabah government.

“Why have a political party take on such an important role to check, co-ordinate and lead the project?” Azis asked.

Azis who is also Warisan Wira Chief stressed that it should be the responsibility of a government agency that already has the project and construction expertise to undertake such a massive endeavour.

“Furthermore, even when the PDP was terminated, the contractors appointed before 2018 were allowed to continue,” he said.

“Arthur also left out the fact that the Pan Borneo project was implemented by the then Barisan Nasional (BN) government and even after several years later by the time the government changed, not much progress had taken place in Sabah.

“He needs to go down to the ground to understand how serious the situation has become and not simply rely on social media.”

Azis pointed out that poor road conditions are not the only problem as many villages in the interior still risk their lives to make river crossings.

Last April it was only when reports of students of SK Pangaraan in Pensiangan using a makeshift zip line went viral, that some action was taken.