Crew, Vessel In Kuala Baram Oil Platform Mishap Taken To Miri Port

KUCHING: All 187 victims, including the one who died after their vessel crashed into an offshore oil platform in the waters of Kuala Baram, Miri, have been taken to the Miri Jetty Port.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) in an updated statement said the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Putrajaya confirmed that all vessels and boats involved in the search and rescue operation were used to despatch the victims to the jetty port, except two who were injured in the 6.45 am incident involving the vessel, MV Dayang Topaz.

“The two victims were injured and were flown by Petronas helicopter from Naga 2 Platform to the Miri Air Base to seek medical treatment at the Miri Hospital,” the statement said.

Initial investigation revealed that the victims, aged between 21 and 63, comprised 185 Malaysian crewmen and two others from Indonesia, namely the Captain and the Chief Officer.

The Petronas Carigali-rented vessel, which was earlier reported to have suffered damage and capsized, was still floating and had also been escorted to the jetty port.

Meanwhile, the Marine Department in a separate statement said the mishap occurred at Lattitude 04º 40.00’N and Longitude 13º 51.00 E’ about 7.7 nautical miles (about 14.3km) from Kuala Baram, Miri.

The crew of MV Dayang Topaz, which is an Accommodation Work Barge owned by DESB Marine Services Sdn Bhd, had sent an emergency signal to Sapura Constructor vessel, which offered early assistance.

The search and rescue (SAR) operation was then launched by the MMEA with the cooperation from the vessels managed by SKO Petronas Carigali Sarawak Operations.

According to preliminary information, the incident occurred during bad weather condition in which the anchor cable of the vessel was broken, causing it to be out of control before it crashed into the Baram B Oil Platform.

“Severity of damage has yet to be ascertained, but there was no marine pollution detected so far,” the statement said.