COVID-19: Focus Now On Congested Rented Premises In Downtown Labuan

LABUAN: Beginning today, Labuan health personnel have shifted their focus in the COVID-19 active case detection, from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)-sanctioned settlements to the congested rented rooms and houses in the shoplot buildings downtown.

The integrated active case detection, in collaboration with Labuan police and the Immigration Department, is targeted at COVID-19 positive patients who may be staying there.

Labuan Health Department director Dr Ismuni Bohari said the active case detection was launched in the shoplot buildings near Jalan Bunga Kemuning and Jalan Bunga Mayang as several COVID-19 patients were found to be tenants in the area.

“As we were doing COVID-19 infection analysis in several areas especially in the shoplots, we have noted that in some places more than five tenants were living in one room, and with poor ventilation,” he told Bernama today.

A case detection exercise in rented rooms in the shoplot buildings today revealed more than 10 per cent of the tenants to be non-Malaysians.

Dr Ismuni said the UNHCR-sanctioned settlements for refugees at Kg Muslim and Kiamsam and the water settlement squatters of Saguking Laut and Sebor would continue to be monitored despite having seen a significant drop in cases the past few days.

The active case detection in the local villages had been ongoing with more than 10 of the 27 villages covered so far and fewer cases detected.

Labuan recorded a significant drop to a single digit in COVID-19 cases on Monday compared to the last one week, and the duty-free-island still has five active clusters of Saguking with 394 cases, Tenaga (119), Titian (65), Limbungan (54) and Bina (50).