COVID-19: Affected sectors to get electricity bill discounts

Sectors affected by the COVID-19 outbreak will be given electricity bill discounts, said Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah.

In a statement today, he said it was one of the measures that would be implemented under the 2020 Economic Stimulus Package announced in February.

“I will also ensure that the country’s electricity supply industry supports the government’s efforts to implement the economic stimulus package by accelerating the implementation of renewable energy projects as well as the development of the country’s electricity supply infrastructure,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shamsul Anuar said his ministry was currently reviewing plans made in the energy sector to ensure that the initiatives were in line with the new government’s desire and policies.

He said the direction of the country’s power generation industry under the new government would also be announced after he received detailed input over the matter.

Shamsul said the agenda to boost renewable energy growth would also continue in line with the government’s aspirations under the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030