Correct It, NRD Told By Musa, Also Lambasts Unnamed Religious Figure


KOTA KINABALU: The National Registration Department has been directed to rectify immediately existing weaknesses in the issuance of MyKads, including those inserted with the word Islam when the holders are non-Muslim.

The Sabah Chief Minister, who made the order Thursday, also told off certain (unnamed) quarters not to be so quick to state that the government has allowed religious radicalism to go unchecked far too long.

Musa Haji Aman said whatever errors there were, could have been mistakenly made, and stressed that the State government upholds religious freedom, and thus views seriously any issue that could jeopardize the peace and harmony among those who practice different faiths in Sabah.

In a statement Thursday said he also wanted a full report from the NRD on the extent of the problem in Sabah, and what measures will be put in place to prevent such mistakes from recurring.

“This looks like an administrative problem. Nonetheless, I want the problem to be rectified in a speedy manner by the relevant authorities,” he said in the statement issued by his Press Secretary Afeiza Khan and sent to the media via Whatsapp.

According to Musa, while there were (obviously) weaknesses in the NRD, the issue at hand should not be blown out of proportion.


Although not named, the chief minister was obviously referring to SIB president Reverend Jerry Dusing, the former head of the Sabah Council of Churches, who had recently been quoted in the media in voicing out various grievances, including ‘Islam’ being inserted in the Mykad of unsuspecting ethnic Sabahan who were not Muslims.

“Do not be so quick to state that the government has allowed religious radicalism to go unchecked far too long, supports religious intolerance and corruption as well as criminal activities like abduction,” he said.

He said it was highly irresponsible to make such public accusations especially when it came from religious quarters, adding that it could fan religious sentiments among the diverse communities that practice different religions in the county and state.

“Let me make this clear that there is no room for religious or racial intolerance in Sabah. We are a multiracial and multi religious state whereby the people live in peace and harmony,” he said.

He said on the contrary, the State Government gave millions (of ringgit) to Churches and mission schools as well as Chinese vernacular schools and temples.

“Please be more sensitive in making statements especially in such an ethnically and religiously diverse state like Sabah,” he said.