Cops Investigating Motive Of Samurai-Duo Who Fled With Woman in Car

ACP Chandra, centre, showing off the 44-centimetre samurai sword that was seized from one of the ‘kidnappers’. – Photo credit PDRM Kota Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: Police are still investigating the motives of two men, one armed with a samurai sword, who took a woman on a 10 kilometer terror ride early Sunday morning.

The incident happened at about 3.20am Sunday, at the Tun Fuad Stephen roundabout here, as the victim and her three male friends were returning home after sahur.

According to police, the three male occupants fled the scene leaving the woman alone in the vehicle, and when they came back with other friends, they found the car missing.

Police were alerted and a patrol car spotted the vehicle at a carpark in the wee hours on Sunday and arrested the hijackers, saving the woman.

Kota Kinabalu police chief Asst Comm M. Chandra said the suspects were believed to be under the influence of alcohol at the time.

The victims told police they were on their way back home after having pre-dawn meals at the city when a car overtook one of the vehicle and blocked their way.

“One of the suspects, armed with a samurai sword, came out from the car, and threatened the three men and a woman.

“The three men ran and left the woman alone in the car,” said Chandra, adding that another friend of the victims, who was in another car, had stopped to check on them but fled when he too was also threatened.

The suspects then drove off with the car and the woman.

Police immediately launched a manhunt and located the stolen vehicle at a car park near the Sabah Federal Government Complex at Jalan Sulaman at around 4am.

The 20-year-old woman was also found safe.

“Police also seized the 44-cm samurai and the duo has been remanded for investigation under Section 395/397 and Section 365 of the Penal Code for armed robbery and kidnapping, respectively.”