Cops Call on Witnesses To Help Probe Car-Bus Crash That Killed 2 Women

The badly mangled front portion of the car that killed two women who were in the driver and passenger seats. – Photo credit BOMBA Papar

KOTA KINABALU: Police are appealing to witnesses to come forward to assist them in their investigations into a collision at Mile 4 of the Papar-Beaufort road on Friday, that saw two lives perish.

Those with any information can contact Inspector Jagger Jeffery, the investigation officer from the Traffic Unit of the Papar police station or call 088-912222.

The case is being investigated under the Road Transport Act.

The 3.00pm incident was between a car, driven by a woman from Kuala Penyu on her way to the State capital, and a tour bus, heading to Weston.

The bus, laoded with tourists, was on its way to Weston. Some of them suffered minor injuries.

The 45-year-old driver, Shirley Kintuan, and her elderly aunt, Martha Nain Anak, aged 87, died; Shirley died just as the ambulance reached the Papar district hospital, while Martha died a few hours later.

Two others in the car, a seven-year-old boy, the son of Shirley and a 31-year-old maid identified as Rati, were severely injured in the crash.

The boy (name withheld) was later transferred to the Children’s Hospital at Likas, while Rati was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for further treatment.

As of Saturday, both were in stable condition, after undergoing operations.

Rati is said to have broken her legs. Both suffered internal injuries as well.

Deputy Superintendent Ladamah Sulaiman, the Papar police chief said according to the statement given by the bus driver, the other car had swerved into the opposite lane and collided with the bus despite the driver trying to swerve to the road shoulder.

Police said the car caught fire on impact, but passers-by managed to help douse the fire and sent three of the victims to the hospital.

Shirley, a mother of two, was pinned to her seat following the impact of the crash and had to wait for firemen’s help to remove her.

The tour bus driver and a few passengers sustained minor bruises.