Come Out With Affirmative Action To Solve Project IC Problem, Warisan Tells PBS


KOTA KINABALU : A Parti Warisan (Warisan) official, Christopher Masudal today hit back at Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) on the ‘Menumbok-Jesselton Point Loophole’ after the Youth Chief of PBS, Christopher Mandut accuses Warisan of always trying to claim credit for successes achieved by PBS after the former reminded the President of PBS, Maximus Ongkili the existence of 2 issues related to the loophole.

“In relation to the accusation by PBS that Warisan is quick to claim credit for successes achieved by PBS, that is quite true because Sabahans especially those who don’t read politics must be given the facts so that they can make their own discernment, free from political polemics, as to which political parties in Sabah that are truly committed in pursuing what we are entitled for hence Warisan reserve the rights to dispense the information that many of the initiatives to regain the State’s rights such as tax on our petroleum, control of our gas, issues on PTIs and MA63 had its breakthrough during WarisanPlus time.

The ‘ease of dealing with Putrajaya’ which Max suddenly enjoy now as the Federal Minister of Sabah/Sarawak Affairs is, by and large, due to the hardwork and sacrifices spanning over a period of a decade on the part of the hundred thousands of passionate Sabahan netizens and activists in the likes of the late Zainnal Ajaiman and also the assertive stand by Shafie Apdal and Darell Leiking when dealing with the Federal Government – in a gist, this is the Unity on Common Purpose that enabled PBS to gain successes on issues relating to Sabah that the party is boasting about today despite the fact that PBS in its more than 30 years of existence and 16 years of co-habitation with Umno from 2001 to 2018 never made significant breakthrough before,” Masudal said in a statement today.

“As for the ‘Menumbok-Jesselton Point Loophole’, I am not surprised to see PBS’s desperation to throw the 2nd issue of the loophole (screening of Pakistani citizens in the State) to Warisan that only served 17 months in the Federal Government when in the first place, it was PBS and Max Ongkili who came out in loud voice in supporting when the former Chief Judge of Malaysia, Tun Richard Malanjum (who sat as the Chief Jugde of Sabah and Sarawak during the 2015’s sentence revision of the 5 Pakistani illegals who entered the State thru Menumbok) faced vicious criticisms from many quarters after he delivered his ‘obiter dictum’ on the sudden increase of Pakistani citizens in the State.

I also wish to state it here that in his defense of Tun Richard, Max even pointed it out that there were Pakistani traders holding Malaysian IDs depicting their birthplace as Kg Ongkilan in Kota Marudu and Pekan Tambunan in Tambunan yet village folks could not identify them – so the question that I posed in my reminder to him (Max) is that, ‘after supporting the call made by Tun Richard who sits as a Chief Judge at that material time and whose legal opinion on the 2nd issue were deemed impartial and correct, then what did Max and PBS do on the issue during the successive 3 years (2015 – 2018)?

It is interesting to note that in its response, there is no admission nor denial issued by PBS on the 2nd issue in correlation to the timeline but instead, while admitting Warisan’s short tenure, threw it back to us and Tun Richard hence this only tells us that, ‘if PBS is brazen enough to pay lip service to a request made by a highest-ranking KDM individual in the Malaysia’s administrative system who, at that material time, has the constitutional authority to deliver impartial judgement, then what more it will be with the thousands of ordinary, helpless KDMs in villages all over the State?’ Isn’t the reminder is apt in view of the support and contention made by Max earlier and after taking account into all the successes that the current Government is now enjoying as how PBS boast it?” he said.


Meanwhile, the Treasurer General of Warisan, Terrence Siambun said that while PBS may had registered its request for an investigation to be made on an Indian citizen from Chennai purportedly to have received his Malaysian identity through illegal means, Sabahans is expecting more from that party who boast itself to be committed in solving the issue about illegal immigrants and Projek IC holders in the State.

“Media statements (on the issue) from PBS is not enough because anyone such as activists, academicians or NGOs can issue theirs too – what the Sabahans want to see from PBS is that a non-negotiable and affirmative party’s action that ensued in relation to its statement regarding the Indian citizen from Chennai purportedly was a Projek IC holder and who now holds a post as a director in one of the State’s GLCs.

The issue extend beyond about a single guy from Chennai – it is about the possibility of hundred thousands of Projek IC holders in Sabah who now sits in both the Federal / State Government and if PBS is indeed very firm on this issue, then deliver a higher standard of leadership by coming out with an affirmative action or policy so all of us can review the same. As part of the Federal Government of the day, PBS must stop accusing Warisan as being pro-PTIs or blaming past administrations but instead be responsible and prove it to the Sabahans that it can solve this issue.

So what will be the affirmative action by PBS on this matter?

But perhaps being a party dominated by an old generation that could not exert much political assertiveness, clout or influence at the national level which in turn, caused much frustration to its own younger party leaders and members, I don’t think PBS will be able to impress the Federal Government about PTIs and Projek IC in Sabah or other matters that matters in Sabah and the only thing this party can do to remain relevant is to issue statement after statement, submit memorandas and hope for Warisan and Sabahans to continue making noises to attract the Federal’s attention,” he concluded.