CMCO: Labuan Educational Institutions To Close From Oct 17-30 – MOE

KUALA LUMPUR: All educational institutions under the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Labuan will be closed from Oct 17-30 following the implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) there.

MOE, in a statement, said all educational institutions registered with the MOE including kindergartens, day schools, boarding schools, private schools, Vocational Colleges and Matriculation Colleges will be closed during this period. 

“It involves a total of 31 educational institutions and a total of 19,262 students. It also involves educational institutions that have hostels. As such, parents or guardians will need to take students living in hostels back home. 

“However, students who are waiting to be fetched by parents or students who wish to remain in hostels during this period will be under the care of the hostel warden,” the statement read. 

In addition to this, the dietary needs of students during the period will be provided by their institution.

Students currently residing in the Labuan Matriculation College hostel are allowed to return but must comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the states they were heading to, the statement said.

As for students who need to sit for international examinations, they must obtain letters from their respective schools to attend the examination, the MOE said. 

“Learning for students during this closure period must also be given attention. As such, administrators of educational institutions have been instructed to ensure that teachers and lecturers, as well as students implement teaching and learning at home,” the ministry said. 

Home-based teaching and learning manuals can be downloaded from MOE’s official portal, the statement read.