Chan Turns Driver To Send Elderly Woman For Vaccination

KOTA KINABALU (10 June) Democratic Action Party (DAP) Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Chan Foong Hin today turned personal driver for an elderly resident in an attempt to encourage old folks within his parliamentary constituency to take up Covid-19 vaccination.

Chan had shared on his official Facebook page ( that he had fetched Mdm. Wong, who lives in the Lido area, to the multi-purpose hall at the Federal Administrative Complex near Jalan UMS to receive her vaccination. The hall had been converted into a vaccination centre. Chan had also driven her back home after she had received her jab.

“It was Mdm. Wong’s first dose of the vaccine. She told me after receiving her jab that there were no adverse reactions,” said Chan.

Most of the appointments fixed for the day were for second dose of the vaccine, and fewer for the first dose. It was a quick process as Mdm. Wong could directly enter the hall upon arrival. Chan took the opportunity to stop by the vaccination centre and paid a visit to other members of the public.

“I had briefly chatted with the medical staff of the Ministry of Health present to get the latest situation. In addition to the existing vaccination centre at the Federal Administration Complex (administering up to 1400 doses a day), a vaccination centre is to be opened at the Wisma Wanita (which can administer up to 500 doses a day) on the 13th,”

“Soon after that, another new vaccination centre shall be operating from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (with a capacity of 1000 doses a day). In addition to that, Gleneagles Hospital shall become the first private hospital in Sabah to host vaccination centre, soon. This is on top of some private clinics in Kota Kinabalu which have already participated in the home vaccination plan,” said Chan.

Chan remarked that with more and more vaccination centres, the next challenge faced would be whether there will be timely delivery in the vaccine supply.

“I urge the Sabah GRS state government to transparently handle the data provided by the federal government for Sabah vaccine supply. Just a few days ago, the Sultan of Selangor became furious because of the low vaccine supply ratio in Selangor when compared with their total population. My question to the government: Is Sabah fairly supplied with vaccines? Are they fairly distributed to all areas? Is the vaccine supply going to be sufficient?” said Chan.

Chan then said that the DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Service Centre had launched a transport service where senior citizens of Kota Kinabalu in need can get transportation to vaccination centres free of charge with at least three days’ notice. The main purpose of such initiative is to encourage vaccination and to speed up the process. Chan said that anyone who are voters in the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary constituency or staying in the constituency requiring transport to any vaccination centres can contact Johnny Loo at 0162209883 or Alex Chong at 0168693689 to book transportation at least three days before the date fixed for vaccination.

“Only through rapid vaccination can we defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t hesitate which vaccine is the best. Act now, protect yourself, protect everyone,” said Chan.