Calvin: Who Said I Am bankrupt?

SANDAKAN: Incumbent Elopura assemblyman, Calvin Chong Ket Kiun, has denied a Facebook claim that he had been declared bankrupt and was thus ineligible to contest the election.

Stating that the people needed to know the truth he said this was because he was hoping to be fielded again by DAP to contest the seat in the forthcoming election.

Chong had his lawyer, Rowena Rasid, clarify the matter at his office in Bandar Letat Mile 3 here, yesterday.

Rowena explained that a bankruptcy notice was served by a private company but the matter was settled amicably, adding that the court had agreed for the notice to be withdrawn on June 22 this year.

“However, on Aug 2, this year, a Facebook post by a fake user account under the name ‘Hadid Awanga’ claimed that Chong was declared bankrupt.

“This is clearly not true and is seen as one of the tactics done by the opposition to tarnish Chong’s reputation.

“We have lodged a police report regarding this post, and will proceed to make another police report today to report defamation by this Facebook user,” said Rowena.

The Facebook post was shared 94 times causing Chong to be concerned that the false claim would tarnish his good name.

He said that DAP leaders at headquarters and Sabah DAP were aware of the matter and had advised him to consult with his lawyer to clarify the matter.

“We lodged police reports to demand that the person take down the Facebook post; if this continues, we will take legal action against this person,” he said.

Chong hoped the people would not simply believe false claims posted on social media.

“As for the Elopura seat, I am ready to contest again. I have a team of 300 people who are ready, the machinery is ready. (However) I will respect the decision of the party leaders,” he added.

Chong made his debut as an assemblyman after he won the Elopura seat in the May 2018 general election under a DAP ticket, defeating Chan Tzun Hei of Barisan Nasional by a majority of 6,832 votes.