By Splitting The KDM Vote, Your Party Will End Up Loser, Henrynus Told


PAPAR: Henrynus Amin should train his gun at whoever is in charge of the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on Illegal immigrant problem in Sabah if it’s not happy with it, and not Parti Bersatu Sabah.

Johnny Mositun, the PBS Secretary-general reminded his predecessor who now heads Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (Anak Negeri) that it was not PBS that set up the RCI, but rather the federal government.

“It was set up by the Federal Government upon requests from various quarters in Sabah, including political parties on both sides of the divide. If Henrynus is not happy with it, then he should direct his insults and invectives at those in charge of it, not PBS,” Mositun said in a statement.

Mositun said Henrynus, more than anyone else, knew that the RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah was fully under the control of the Federal Government and chaired by the Home Minister who is also the Deputy Prime Minister.


He was responding to Henrynus’ recent statement criticizing PBS for absolving itself of blame on the failure of the federal government to act on the recommendations by the RCI on Illegal immigrant problem.

Mositun added that PBS had nothing to apologize for if the Federal Government was taking time to implement the recommendations of the RCI.

Mositun also took a pot shot at his former party colleague describing him of being ungrateful to the very party which once groomed him.

“PBS gave him (Henrynus) his start in politics, and he was even made Secretary General. He aspired for higher office, but after he failed in the party elections he left, and now he is bitter and vindictive,” said Mositun.

Mositun said that Henrynus could say and do as he liked, and it was not clear what his party Anak Negeri stood for or had as its real objectives.

“There was even talk going round in Sabah that the party had been sponsored by certain powerful politicians with the aim of keeping the KDM divided for selfish reasons,” he claimed.

“Such rumours may or may not have any basis, but whatever it is, it is more likely that Henrynus and his party are more likely to end up with zero seats and even all its candidates losing their seats, not PBS.”