BWP Is Not An Official Partner Of Sabah Wildlife, Says Augustine Tuuga

US-based Borneo Wildlife Preservation wants to carry out conservation efforts on the Bornean Elephants, but they have yet to be made a partner with the Sabah Wildlife Department. – Photo credit World Wildlife Fund

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Wildlife Department has said that they cannot recognise the efforts of a United States-based conservation group, unless a memorandum of understanding has been agreed upon and officiated.

Augustine Tuuga, the SWD director said they cannot recognise the efforts of the Borneo Wildlife Preservation (BWP) organisation as its people have yet to officially get in touch with him or other departments.

“BWP has not gone through these so at the moment, so the department cannot recognise them as our conservation partner in Sabah, Tuuga said in a statement in response to an article in BorneoToday on Friday saying that the activities of BWP had raised eyebrows.


“Even their promotional materials for fund raising were not discussed with the department as whatever they do, must first be mutually agreed.”

Tuuga however said they welcome any organisation within Malaysia and overseas with genuine intention and with proper credentials, to assist the government in biodiversity conservation in Sabah, technically and financially.

He explained that this however needed to be done in official manner, through the departments and ministries concerned.

“Initially (start off) through discussion on their proposed programmes involving with senior management then finally and officially, form an agreement through an MOU,” he added.

Tuuga also said BWP may have communicated with SWD officers through email but unless and until they go through the proper channel, “we still cannot recognise them as our official partner.”

Controversy arose when A 60-second video clip entitled ‘The World’s Smallest Elephants Need Your Help’ was uploaded on the BWP Facebook site, and this evoked several comments.

Among them was while they talked about Sabah’s Bornean Elephants and efforts to conserve them, a he chunk of the video clip did not reflect Sabah. This apparently got Sabah officials fuming.