Bumburing Should Query NRD, EC About Dubious Voters In Electoral Rolls

COMMENT: In response to the query made by the President of Parti Cinta Sabah, Wilfred Bumburing over the perceived silence by Parti Warisan Sabah in relation to PTIs (Illegal Immigrants) in Sabah.

2. I categorically deny that Warisan is receiving support from the illegal immigrants or Project IC holders in Sabah as alleged by Bumburing, and his statement is nothing more than a mere attempt to make himself a hero in his constituency.

3. I am of the opinion that Bumburing should have instead queried the National Registration Department and Election Commission whether there exists foreigners with dubious citizenship who will support or vote, not only Parti Warisan Sabah but all other political parties in the State, including the Sabah BN component parties.


4. For Bumburing to issue a statement by relying merely on hearsay and rumour, which he himself admitted to be the “people’s perception” without having to fulfill item 3 above, clearly depicts his mala fide intention to tarnish the image of Warisan through his own version of fake news.

5. I am now obliged to ask Bumburing who is he (Bumburing) to know that Shafie had not raised the issue (of the PTI) since he (Shafie) comes from a district that has suffered so much from this problem.

6. In fact, Bumburing was once the deputy Chief Minister of Sabah but what happened? The State Government of which he was once deputy Chief Minister should have solved it then because the State has power over Immigration and Registration of Births.

7. Only towards the end of his career and with no power at all, did Bumburing start making noise and tried hard to seek attention by attacking the leader of a party that has no power at all instead of the current Chief Minister and his Ministers.

8. I reckon that it is rather unfortunate that Bumburing will never be part of the generation that will finally find the solution to this problem more so when the KDM, Bajau/Suluk, Chinese, Brunei and Sabahans from all ethnicity and creed will be working together to end this long outstanding problem once and for all!

• Terrence Siambun is Treasurer General, Parti Warisan Sabah